Techniques to focus on:

Butterfly – Rhythm and Flow. This stroke requires great timing of the kick and easy motions with the hands. Trying to muscle your way through the water will only slow you down. Mastering a quick hand release and smooth hand entry will help. Try to avoid too much vertical motion and always keep your body moving forward.

Backstroke – Rotation and Tempo. Keeping the head back is a good starting point. Drive your stroke rate with a strong hips/core rotation while staying connected with your shoulders. Release the hand at the end of the stroke for quicker recovery up, around, and back into the entry. No pausing.

Breaststroke – Streamline and Power. Timing is very important with this stroke too, but making sure your body is in a perfect line in the recovery phase is critical. Work on a powerful out-sweep into a great catch with the arms while bringing your heals up to set the kick. Always finish the kick while pushing the hands forward, getting back to that flat body line.

Freestyle – Catch and Kick. High elbows, high elbows, high elbows. To achieve the high elbow catch you need some flexibility and good timing with your hip/core rotation. Pull through with a straight line (not under your body) and release at the end of the stroke for a quicker/easier recovery. Maintain a consistent, steady kick in every event from the 50 to the mile.

Open Turns – Knees and Breath. Getting around fast is all about staying tight. Drive your knees straight up towards your chest, keep the head low with a rounded back, and take the breath just before you go under to push off the wall. Always remember to touch the wall with two hands.

Flip Turns – Speed and Head. Maintain your speed when approaching the wall by keeping your head down. Look through the top of your goggles as you approach the turn and use your final stroke to initiate the turn and pull yourself into the wall. Be sure to plant your feet and get off the wall afap (as fast as possible).

Dives – Reaction and Entry. Always be ready. When you take your mark, anticipate the start and react afap. Push with the legs and get into your streamline right away. Lock out your legs, point your toes and extend from your core to hit the water in the smallest hole possible.


SSC Day Clinic

Thoughts behind the Salo Swim Camp Day Clinic:

The 2013-2014 Clinic Schedule has been developed in order to max-imize stroke and technique focus. Because of time constraints it’s very difficult for coaches to spend so much time on drill focus and how to properly transfer those skills into the actual stroke. During club practices you will rarely spend 20-30 minutes on proper drills and skills that aid in developing your stroke. This unique clinic will meet the needs of every level of participating athlete, from the emerging “A” swimmer to the Olympic hopeful.

Here’s how we are able to do it:

Each Series is comprised of 5 separate two hour clinic sessions. We run one clinic for each stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) as well as one dive & turn clinic. The stroke clinics will focus on breaking down the stroke into multiple aspects, some of which include: body position while maintaining a proper pull and kick relationship, breathing and breath control, and the importance of core strength and utilization during the stroke. The dive & turn clinic will bring to light the proper technique behind explosive power and speed within your dive & turns.

All clinics will introduce cutting edge drill techniques that current Olympic swimmers are using in their own practices.